What hotel are we staying in?

Ramada Edmonton, 11834 Kingsway Ave, Edmonton AB T5G 3J5

Who will book the hotel?

The host committee has reserved 2 rooms with quad occupancy for your team and coach checking in on Wednesday March 30 and departing on Sunday April 3 or Monday April 4, 2016. Please fill out the accommodation form (form 6) so that we can assign names to each room.

What if we want more rooms?

Please request additional rooms on the accommodation form so that we can book that for you at a better rate and have your rooms located in close proximity at the hotel.

Can we extend our stay at the hotel?

Yes, you can arrive early or depart later, however please let us book that for you (by requesting it on the accommodation form) so that we can secure your preferred rate and the same room for the extended stay.

Can our followers stay at the same hotel?

The followers are booked at the same hotel as the teams and we have secured a preferred rate for them as well. Reservations: 1-877-473-7871 or www.ramadaedmonton.com please reference 'Optimist U18 curling' when booking. See the information at the 'Hotel Info' link in the menu at the top of the page.

What is within walking distance of the hotel?

Approximately 3 blocks east of the hotel is Kingsway Garden Mall, after West Edmonton Mall it is Edmonton's busiest mall. Just past the mall is the closest LRT station that will enable you to get to Edmonton's downtown or all the way to the Saville Sports Centre should you elect this method of travel. There are numerous restaurants in the area as well.

Transportation (see page 4 of the guide)

Who pays (and books) our airfare to Edmonton?

The teams are responsible for their own transportation to and from Edmonton. Please check with your Provincial or state curling associations as some may provide financial assistance. Please check with your local Optimist club for financial support if your provincial curling association does not provide assistance.

You (or your provincial association) will book your travel. Please ensure that you arrive in Edmonton before 2:00 p.m. on Wednesday March 30, and depart Edmonton after 8:00 pm on Sunday April 3 or anytime on Monday April 4, 2016.
Please complete Arrival/Departure information (form 8)

Is ground transportation to/from the airport provided?

The host committee will provide transportation to/from the Edmonton International Airport for all teams arriving on Wednesday March 30, 2016 and departing on Sunday April 3 or Monday April 4, 2016 if requested.

If your team is arriving on Tuesday March 29, 2016 and you would like us to arrange ground transportation, there may be an additional charge. Please request this on the arrival/departure form.

Is there transportation to the curling venues?

The host committee will provide bus transportation from the hotel to/from the curling venues. Note: This is for Curlers and Coaches only.

Can our followers use the ground transportation?

If your followers are on the same flights as the team and there is room on the bus, we will provide a ride. This needs to be requested ahead of time so that we can determine whether or not we can accommodate the request.

The ground transportation from the hotel to the curling venues is not available to followers. We may be able to accommodate a ride from time to time, but cannot guarantee this service.

What other ground transportation options are there?

From the airport: Taxi cost $65.00, Skyshuttle cost $18 per adult.
Rental cars are available at the airport and the host hotel.
Public transportation is not readily available between the hotel and the curling venues.


Are we responsible to buy our own meals at the event?

Although the guide (page 4) says you are responsible for your own food the Hotel provides a full complimentary buffet breakfast and the host committee will provide lunch on Thursday, Saturday and Sunday and will provide dinner at the banquet on Saturday April 2, 2016. All the rest of the meals are your responsibility.


Where will the banquet be held?

The banquet will be in the ballroom at the host hotel.

What should we wear (do we need to match)?

The banquet is your opportunity to dress up. You are not required to having matching outfits, although some teams do. Please do not feel the need to go out and spend money on a fancy new outfit, but please wear your best dressed clothes that you already own.

Are followers invited to attend?

Yes. There will be a great dinner, a guest speaker and a dance and you will want your Mom to take your picture when your team is introduced.

Uniforms (page 12 in the guide)

Event crest.

The event crest will be stitched onto your team jackets once you arrive in Edmonton. Please provide your team jackets to the committee as soon as your arrive at the host hotel.


You are allowed sponsors cresting on your team jackets.

Website – social media

Why does the host committee want to know my social media pages?

Rather than write up bios for team members to print in the program, the host committee will provide links on the event website to your social media pages. This way you can see who else is at the event and keep in touch following the event.

Will there be as many photos available as last year?

We have instructed the photographers to make sure they capture an image of every curler in the competition in addition to the team photo at the start of the competition.

Do we have to pay for the photos?

No. The host committee has bought all of the professional photos on your behalf and you are able to download and share as much as you like. High res photos will be available for download following the event for anyone wanting to print a picture.


Do our followers have to purchase tickets online or can they buy at the door?

Tickets for the banquet should be purchased online to guarantee a ticket is available.

Tickets for the event and for the banquet are discounted if purchased online prior to the event.

Tickets will be available at the door for the event, if you do not wish to purchase online. However tickets cannot be guaranteed available at the door for the banquet.