Final Standings

Congratulations to everyone for a well played event! Here are the final standings:


  • Gold: Saskatchewan
  • Silver: Quebec
  • Bronze: British Columbia
  • 4th World Seed: Manitoba
  • 5th World Seed: Ontario
  • 6th World Seed: Minnesota
  • 7th World Seed: Massachusetts
  • 8th World Seed: Alberta
  • 9th World Seed: New Brunswick
  • 10th World Seed: Japan
  • 11th World Seed: Northwest Territories
  • 12th World Seed: Wisconsin


  • Gold: Manitoba
  • Silver: New Brunswick
  • Bronze: Japan
  • 4th World Seed: Minnesota
  • 5th World Seed: Alberta
  • 6th World Seed: Quebec
  • 7th World Seed: Saskatchewan
  • 8th World Seed: Ontario
  • 9th World Seed: Alaska
  • 10th World Seed: Northwest Territories
  • 11th World Seed: British Columbia
  • 12th World Seed: Michigan