It is Crunch Time

Can you believe that it is just a week and a half away? We have two teams left to be declared, the Men and Women from Saskatchewan and that happens this weekend. Curious to see who it may be? View the live scoring and results here.

Are your bags packed? Extra laces in your curling bags? Is your favourite lucky charm in your suitcase? Hey have you tweeted us and told us what your weird ritual is? Don’t forget to tag all your social media posts with our event hashtag. #U18Curl15

There are three pages on this site that will have event photo’s you can download save, tweet, post on Instagram or Facebook, or keep for your own memories. One is an automatic capture of all Instagram photos that are tagged with #U18Curl15, the second are the photos that will be taken by our official photographers, and the third will be other event photos that are gathered from anywhere else we find them. Keep checking back and see when you might show up.

Until then the call is a draw behind the corner guard.