One Month Away

Things are starting to really come together. The banners for the club are ready to go. The participant gifts are looking awesome. The team registrations are starting to come in. The next 30 days are going to fly by so fast we will wonder if we are going to make it.

The fact is, we will make. It is the curlers that make the event not the organization of the event. I have only one wish, that every single one of the participants has fun (even the coaches).

For all you participants make sure you get your social media information in to us as well. We want your Twitter, Instagram and Facebook info so we can track all the action that happens during the event.

To make things easier to follow, we will be using #U18Curl15 for our hashtag in all three social media platforms. So don’t forget the tag your posts.

The call is a corner guard, lets get the rocks moving!